3D Printed Headband Fittings

We use a hypoallergenic flexible material to print our headband fittings. These fittings flex to the contour of the head enabling true comfort and security. The frosted material is versatile in it’s application and pairs easily with most frame styles.

Headbands are available in white or black, with a 10mm wide elasticated band that securely adjusts and fits with a Velcro strip.

BK045c2 with headband adaption

Please note: You must request the Velcro headband when ordering, as this is a separate item.

3D Printed headband fittings

Simple 4 step process

Measure fitted frame from screw point to the bend point of a regularly fitted drop end side.

Add 15mm, this is the total length of the side after conversion.

Do you need us to supply the head-band too? Available in white and black with a Velcro fastening.

Post spectacles and instructions to us and we will process in accordance to your account terms.

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