Perfect Fitting Frames

We have a comprehensive range of techniques and adaptations which can enhance the fitting position of spectacles. If you do not see your solution here, please email us so we can give you individual attention.

System3® Pad Arm Conversion

System3® is our signature pad arm conversion. The metal components are manufactured in brushed stainless steel. With each pad arm conversion, we supply 3 pairs of nose pads, each offering a distinct fitting and comfort. Each pad arm and nose pad set are manufactured to the highest standards by Frey and Winkler, Germany.

Please state your pad arm of choice when ordering this modification.

System3® – Pad Arms


Standard Pad Arms

The long pad arm runs parallel to the frame and the pad system can be located at a point best suited to aid perfect fitting and comfort.


Inset Pad Arms

The pad system is set further away from the back surface of the frame.

System3® – Pads


Slim Fit Silicone Pads

Slim fit silicone pads provides the most discrete finish.


TPE Pads

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) pads are suitable for patients that exhibit allergies towards silicone. This material is less porous and transfers fewer potentially allergenic substances. Compared to silicone, TPE is less transparent and not as adhesive.


Air Cushion Silicone Pads

Air Tec pads are an enhanced comfort pad combined with the advantages of silicone.

Silicone Insert Pads

Silicone Insert Pads

Available in 12 and 16mm silicone, they can be fitted to most pad bridge plastic frames and help with commonly occurring fitting problems.

This is a recent solution to aiding frame fit when the DBR is too great, in many cases replacing the traditional solution of ‘bumping the bridge‘.

Bumping is still a viable solution. However, modern frame designs and manufacturing processes limit its application. The Silicone insert pads can solve that problem.

Silicone Insert Pad

12mm push fit.

Silicone Insert Pad

16mm push fit.

Nose Pad Arms

Titanium Nose Pad Arms

Enhance the frame fit of plastics frames by adding pads on arms.

The process requires the pilot holes to be drilled in to the frame and the pad arms are heated and inserted in to the material.

The pad clasps are aligned with the original centres of the plastic pads. The built up plastic pads are filed flat and the surface polished.

Titanium Pin Insert (Silver)

A fine wired pad arm with the mechanical and hypoallergenic properties of titanium.

Size (S) (L) (XL)

Plastic & Metal Sides

Shorten / Extend Plastic Sides

By using two specialist techniques we can shorten plastic sides without exposing the metal reinforcing wire. Most acetate sides can be extended without causing cosmetic damage. When dispensing a frame that requires extended sides it is always best to choose a good acetate or metal sided frame.

Shorten / Extend Metal Sides

The end tip length is very important as it aids the final fitting comfort of the frame. By careful shaping we can shorten the sides and maintain the original tip length of the frame. Metal sides can be extended by carefully soldering additional length to the ends and refitting appropriate length end tips.

We can adapt most frames to fit individual needs.
Contact us today for details.

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