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Trade Services

We work on your behalf to meet your customer’s expectations and we welcome your contact to discuss our services.

Contacting us is easy when using this form. Quick questions, supplies or frame assessments, we will be able to respond promptly and accurately.

We prefer service questions to be supported with a clear image of the frame or broken component.

Before you send us your work, our technicians will assess it and provide you with an expectation of the work involved. This will help you understand the scope of the work and make an informed decision.


  • Perfect Fitting Frames – enhance the fit of stock frames to broaden your dispensing range.
  • Ptosis Props – consultation, fitting and comprehensive service package.
  • Repairs – B2B service, we support your practice directly.
  • Repairs – Direct to PX, all invoicing is directly to the practice, but we return the repair to your customer by secure courier.
  • Repairs – Public Direct service, we can supply you with our contact cards for the customer to contact us directly and use our public repair service.
  • Assessment report – Our 4 stage process to assess the work according to your instructions before starting. This service includes assessment of damage, risk, cost and expected finish.

Trade Services Form

    Select your request(s)...

    Progress an order

    Copy Invoice

    Price list

    Public Direct Repair Cards

    Service Question


    ‘Direct to PX’ Form

    Once repaired the spectacles will be sent by signature post directly to your customer.

    Service Request Form

    To start a repair or modification order, simply download, print and complete our ‘Service Request’ form.

    Order Ptosis Props

    Download to order your Ptosis Props.

    Fillable PDF’s: Simply download, fill, save and print.

    Trade Account Registration

    Trade Services

    Spec-Care Ltd. provides the technical frame support and advice to your professional clinic.

    Setting up a trade account with Spec-Care is easy. Complete the Trade Account Registration form and we will get in touch to confirm your account details.

    Choose your preferred settlement option. Group billing, NHS procurement and independent account credit settled by direct debit is easy with Spec-Care. Note, if your billing address is different to the delivery address, please select ‘Group Billing’. We will need to contact the billing department to confirm payment terms.

    You’re required to complete the Trade Account Registration form and select your preferred option for payment. Direct debit offers the advantage of 30 days credit, invoice discount and no dispatch delays, this is the preferred option for regular use accounts.

    You are NOT required to have a full credit account with Spec-Care to access our services. You can pay on a Pro-Forma basis; this option is often preferred for one off commissions and occasional use accounts. Please consider that we will only dispatch work on proforma terms after the invoice has been settled.

    Spec-Care Ltd does not operate a “direct to consumer” spectacle lens service or operate any affiliated businesses providing consumer spectacle sales.

    We are your technicians, supporting your practice and all services available are listed on this website. We have a Consumer Repairs pricing structure. This will help you in the pricing of your repairs service provided through us and we generally recommend making provision for inward postage.

    Trade Account Registration Form

      Repairs & ModificationsPtosis Props

      Use practice address for billing

      NEG AccountSPECS MemberNHS ProcurementGroup Billing AgreementDirect DebitSettlement Per Invoice


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