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Spectacle modification solutions for people with blepharotosis

Ptosis Props

We only use skin contact safe materials in the production of ptosis props. Our comfort sleeves are manufactured from platinum cured silicone. This high quality material is durable and non-yellowing with zero peroxide by-products.

Please note, we can upon request supply an alternative hypoallergenic sleeving if the wearer exhibits non-tolerance or reaction to silicone-based materials.

We manufacture optical appliances with comfort and well-being paramount in the design process. That is why our props are designed to deflect accidental impact energy.

What is “Ptosis”?

Ptosis‘ (toe-siss) or ‘blepharoptosis‘ is drooping of the eyelid a condition where the upper lid drops and cannot be kept open by normal action of the muscles.  A ptosis prop or ptosis crutch is a device used to retain the upper eyelid in a position considered more normal.

Drooping of the eyelid is caused by the reduced function of the levator palprebrae (extra-ocular muscle which controls eyelid elevation).

What causes Ptosis?

There are many potential causes of this condition. Here are some of the most common.

  • Blephospasm
  • Myasthenia gravis
  • Congenital ptosis
  • Aponeurotic (age related) ptosis
  • Nerve damage (cranial injury)
  • Horner’s syndrome

The effect of ptosis can be corrected by the spectacle modification methods listed on this page.

Ptosis Props

Three step ordering process

Select the desired prop modification for your client and download the order form from the respective page:

Lundie Loop

Half Loop

Nylon Loop

Spring Bar


PLEASE NOTE: Plastic frames must have a minimum 3mm vertical and 4mm horizontal substance at the upper nasal and temporal regions.

No titanium frames please.

Complete the order form.

Measure the vertical position and horizontal position of the fitted prop in relation to the top rim of the fitted frame. This is normally the upper orbital bone or fold of skin below the eyebrow.

Post the completed order form along with the spectacles to be modified to us and we will process your order in accordance with your account terms.

PLEASE NOTE: The prop will be supplied in a compensated fitting position, this may differ from your instructions.


Once your modifications have been made, your spectacles will be returned by insured post to the address you supply.

Refunds & Cancellations

Cancellations can only be accepted up until the modification of your spectacles has begun. Our perfect fit warranty guarantees the props will be fitted to the highest standards. If an alternative prop type is required, or the measurements need adjusting, we provide the additional services free of charge.

  • Lundie Loop
  • Half Loop
  • Spring Bar
  • Nylon Ptosis Prop

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