System3® Pad Arm Conversion

System3® is our signature pad arm conversion. The metal components are manufactured in brushed stainless steel. With each pad arm conversion, we supply 3 pairs of nose pads, each offering a distinct fitting and comfort. Each pad arm and nose pad set are manufactured to the highest standards by Frey and Winkler, Germany.

Please state your pad arm of choice when ordering this modification.

System3® – Pad Arms


Standard Pad Arms

The long pad arm runs parallel to the frame and the pad system can be located at a point best suited to aid perfect fitting and comfort.


Insert Pad Arms

The pad system is set further away from the back surface of the frame.

System3® – Pads


Slim Fit Silicone Pads

Slim fit silicone pads provides the most discrete finish.


TPE Pads

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) pads are suitable for patients that exhibit allergies towards silicone. This material is less porous and transfers fewer potentially allergenic substances. Compared to silicone, TPE is less transparent and not as adhesive.


Air Cushion Silicone Pads

Air Tec pads are an enhanced comfort pad combined with the advantages of silicone.

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